Friday, 28 March 2014

A Necessary Life Skill

Something that I think everyone should be able to do (but not everyone can), is make a good cup of coffee. It's not difficult, yet I feel that this little tidbit of knowledge is often overlooked by many-a-parents. Not mine though. I'm not exactly sure why my dad taught me how to make coffee when I was so young (under 10 I believe)...either I asked because I was curious, or he saw the strategic advantage in training an eager-to-learn child.

I can't remember how often I would do this, but I remember getting up early and putting the coffee on for my parents. My dad would call me 'Coffee Angel' which was the perfect positive reinforcement for me to want to make it for them again.

Isn't it nice to be able to offer someone a nice, warm, perfectly brewed coffee? Yes, I know your Keurig or Tassimo can do it, but I'm still a fan of a big ol' pot of coffee.

It doesn't take much, all you need to know is the ratio. For every scoop of coffee (I'm talking about the little scoop that either comes with the coffee or your coffee maker, put in two cups of water (according to the gauge on the side). Oh and buy good coffee. Making it at home is SO MUCH CHEAPER than buying it out, so go ahead and splurge on the good stuff. If you are feeling really hospitable, you may want to warm the mugs up too - my dad also taught me how to delecately balance their mugs, upside down on top of the coffee maker to absorb the residual heat.

The things you remember from childhood, eh?

Have a great weekend.

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