Monday, 24 March 2014

Things I Once Took For Granted

Once upon a time, before I had a human growing inside me, I believe I took certain things forgranted. I am here today to acknowledge those things and highlight them in all their glory. These are just little things (nothing super profound here).

The first one? Home made jam (specifically my mom's). Never have I appreciated jam so much. It's so delicious! But the day I had to use store-bought jam at work to combat a craving for a full blow afternoon tea, I realized just how good my mom's jam is. Children of moms (or dads, or grandparents) who make jam, be thankful.

Second: red wine in the winter. Of course as someone who is a lover of wine, I miss it, but it's sharing a bottle of red wine with your hubby or your friend on a wintry night that I really miss. It's not quite the same watching the other person drink it while you drink something else out of your wine glass...

Third: unlimited, guilt-free, coffee consumption. There once was a time in my life when my roomies and I would make pot after pot of coffee and drink its sweet nectar until we couldn't handle it any longer. Now, I hesitate with one mug because it makes baby girl slow down (which frightens me). On the weekends, I long for two, maybe three, big mugs of caffeine.

Fourth: Baked goods. Since my sweet tooth has dramatically increased, I have a deep appreciation for good baking. Not that I didn't already (since my mom is an amazing baker) but I truly will pass up crappy baking, even if I'm craving it. Exhibit A: coffee cake. I've been dying for homemade coffee cake (with a walnut struesel middle and topping) and I refuse to buy some crappy store-bought cake. I will wait and wait until we track down the recipe.

After re-reading this, it's not so much things I once took for granted, it's food and beverages I once took for granted. Once a fat kid, always a fat kid, I suppose.

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  1. Haha, Em! I love and truly appreciate all the things you miss, I am missing them, too! Especially the red wine in winter. I will often ask Jeff if I can smell his wine, it's obviously nowhere near having a sip, but just the scent relaxes me that little bit and makes me feel more like an adult. :)


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