Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Farewell Kacie B

In my world, Monday nights are girls nights. I truly refrain from making any other commitments. Why, you ask? Because that's when the Bachelor is on. Admit it, like me, you loooooove the Bachelor/Bachelorette. Season after season I tune in to watch love sick men and women chase down the person of their dreams, only to find out this person isn't really as great as they once thought. Anyway.......

 Last night, we said goodbye to my personal #1 choice, Kacie B. That girl was my favourite from day one. She was so cute and normal. I totally had her pegged for a spot in the final two, so you can imagine my horror when she did not receive the last rose. 

What could have happened between the last episode and last night's rose ceremony to change their budding relationship? Two words: her parents.

Nothing scarier for a man who's looking to fast track an engagement than a girl's father who doesn't believe in the 'magical journey' that is the Bachelor, and a mother who is morally opposed to her daughter living in sin with him. 

Sorry Kacie, your parents really ruined that one for you. But, there is a bright side. My girlfriends and I decided (long before you were left without a rose) that you are far too good for the likes of Ben the Bachelor. You will have men lining up for you now :)

The best part was the drive away in the limo. She started off very calm/cool, but by the end she was yelling "what the f@*% happened?!" I know it's not fair to enjoy other person's misery, but she was just so funny! 

You can check out the exit interview here (and I suggest you do).

So I bid poor Kacie B farewell, but really, we all know she'll go on to bigger and better things, so it's more like 'see ya around!'

xx E.

ps. of the last three left standing, are any of them going to win?

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