Sunday, 12 February 2012

Frank Walker

Well in a lot of ways, it seems too soon to be writing such a serious post, but I wouldn't be true to myself if I just blogged on and pretended it didn't happen.

This past Friday, my granddad, Frank Walker, passed away. Although he was very old and we knew he wouldn't live forever, it was still a surprise when I got the phone call at work on Friday morning. I rushed to the hospital with my brother. My mom and a close family friend were already there. Husband met us there not much later. When we were all gathered there, my granddad really perked up. He just kept saying "My Family's here". We ended up spending the entire day with him, trying to distract him, keep him comfy, and really just be there for him.

Granddad, me, Grandma on my 27th birthday
My Grandparents at my wedding

Frank was such a great man, and although over the last few years his mind started to go, it made it that much more entertaining to talk to him. We called him the Forest Gump of our family, because his stories were so detailed yet so strange, that we could never fully tell if he was telling the truth (and neither could he!)
Husband, Granddad, Grandma, me 

Right up to the very end, he kept his wit, even teasing me about the blue sweater I was wearing because it was the colour of his favourite soccer team's rival.

He was an amazing dancer, musician and story teller. Everything he did was for his family and we are so lucky to have had him with us for as long as we did.

He would always say "see you on your travels" instead of goodbye, so I'll follow suit by saying:
See you on your travels, Granddad. I love you.

xx E.

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