Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine's Day DIY

As we all know, we're coming up to one of my favourite holidays, Valentine's Day.

Side note: I love it so much that I even forgot that it's not an official statutory holiday, so when my entire department at work decided to each dress as one of the stat holidays for Halloween (hey, we're in HR, it works), I yelled out "dibs on Valentine's day!" ...then I was not-so-gently reminded that V-Day isn't a 'real' holiday...

Anyway, I love the day so much because I love LOVE and because hearts are my favourite shape.

I'm not that into giving gifts, I much prefer a romantic dinner with a valentine card and some chocolate. That being said, lots of people DO give gifts for V-Day and other than the obvious (flowers, chocolates, jewellery) it's difficult to come up with something original.

Last year, I got Husband this print for Valentine's day. Later in the year, for our anniversary, I was inspired. Framed words are so popular, and they're everywhere. I decided I would create my own.

Here's a quick and easy DIY that your significant other will certainly love, because it carries meaning specific to only you!

Choose one or two songs (or poems) that have particular meaning to you as a couple. I chose our song (It's Only Natural, Crowded House), the song from our first dance at our wedding (Lucky, Jason Mraz) and a song that my sisters-in-law read during our wedding ceremony (Better Together, Jack Johnson).

Out of those songs, choose one or two lines that convey the message you're trying to send (for example, It's always better when we're together)

Type out those lines in the font of your choice, making it bold enough to be able to read from a distance.

Print the lyrics out on cardstock, or pretty paper. Be careful to choose paper that the words will stand out on.

Choose a set of frames, and frame your work!

I chose to do three different fonts and different alignments for my lyrics, just to make each one unique. Husband loved them and they are on display in our bedroom.

This gift could work for any occasion, and for different people (it could be a great gift for your best friend, parents, etc, just choose a song that has meaning)

Happy (almost) Love Day!

xx E.

ps. what are your Valentine's Day plans?

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