Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Island in the Sun

In a couple of days I will be saying farewell to winter, grey skies and this...
Work :(
for a week in sunny Barbados. We are having a double fam jam. Husband, his family, me, my family. My father-in-law turns 60 next weekend and this is his birthday present...more like a birthday present for everyone! We have plans to see the sights, surf, relax by the beach, eat fresh seafood, indulge in local cocktails and spend lots of time together.

I've been packing in my mind for the last few weeks. Day dreaming about resurrecting my summer clothes and shoes has been getting me through the long winter days. Now the time has come to actually pack...

Here's my list of essentials for a beach/warm weather vacation:
1. Sunscreen - I plan on having great skin as long as possible, and that includes some serious sunscreen application
2. Hat - I've opted for a big floppy beach hat
3. Bathing suits - bring a few options for mixing/matching
4. Summer dresses - easy to thrown, light weight, and you'll always look pulled together
5. Bright nail polish - now's your chance to rock that bright shade that you may have been shying away from
6. Magazines/books - It's always great to have something to read by the pool/beach. I just bought The Hunger Games - I'll let you know how it is

Of course I will end up packing way more than that. I always over-pack, it's just my nature. The good news is that I have figured out how to save a little bit of room in my suitcase: limit the number of pairs of shoes. I know, I know, as if I am saying that, but seriously, I've learned from all my various travels that I always have too many shoes and I always end up with one pair in my carry-on bag on the way home, poking me in the side. It's not right.

I've limited my pairs of shoes to 4:
1. Ballet flats (similar)
2. Pretty/sparkly flats
3. Flip flops (for the beach)
4. Casual sandals (similar)

On a day out shopping/sight seeing, I can wear either the ballet flats or casual sandals, out to dinner I can wear the ballet flats, sandals or sparkly flats, to the beach I can wear the flip flops. I think I've got it covered!
sneaky sneakers; sunnies, beach hat & purse; beach reading material;
summer dresses; metallic flats
I am considering bringing sneakers...but that will depend on how much room I have after I fill my suitcase with every summer clothing item I've ever owned :)

Have a great week!

xx. E

ps. Any suggestions for things to do/see in Barbados?

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