Thursday, 16 February 2012

Flower Power

Many of my favourite places to shop are now featuring these little babies:

Citizens of Humanity - Mandy

Are you in love? I am! They are absolutely adorable. They also come in blue, and in a shorts version here

So now comes the tricky part. Wearing them. My biggest tip for anything you wear is: wear it like you mean it. Nothing will look or feel right on you if you seem uncomfortable in it. If you're not so adventurous in mixing patterns/prints, I would go with a neutral top. Those who are more skilled at the art of mixing could add a contrasting print (think graphic strips or dots). 

Next question: is flowered denim here to stay? Chances are, it's not. As much as we may love it this spring/summer and maybe even next, these babies will eventually become a thing of the past. Keep that in mind when purchasing a pair. Floral denim is available at lots of different price points, like this pair from Forever21.

This makes me very excited for spring!


ps. one last tip for floral or any patterned denim - keep them skinny...busting out flowered flares will look more hippie than hip :)

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