Tuesday, 14 February 2012


In honour of Valentine's Day, I would like to introduce you to.......Husband!

us on a hike in England
I first met him when we were both working at a golf course. I worked there as a summer job for five years, and in my last year, I was working for the turf department as their administrative assistant. Husband had traveled to Canada from the UK to work at this golf course (he is a Greens Keeper by trade). My first assignment as the admin was to secure a new work permit for him. Did I have any idea how to do this? No. Was I terrified that I would screw up this person's job opportunity? Yes.

So there I was, compiling paperwork while he was back in England for the winter months. During that time, I had to email back and forth with him quite a bit, and we had a couple phone conversations as well. I remember that I was nervous to speak to him on the phone...that should have been my first clue.

Needless to say, I was able to get the work permit and he returned to Canada that spring.

At work, we flirted back and forth, but man was he able to play it cool. I really wasn't sure if he liked me or not. After some work flirting and some facebook flirting, we ended up out on a date. Even after that, I wasn't convinced that he was into me. Any guys looking to learn something about playing hard to get, please get in touch with my husband. Then, we had one special date, the Guinness and Sushi date as we like to call it, and that one sealed the deal.

For the rest of that summer, we passed each other love notes, had secret rendezvous around the golf course, and fell in love :)

Our first picture as a couple...sparked much conversation among his family back in England

Happy Valentine's Day,
xx E.

ps. someday I'll tell you the story of our engagement.

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