Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter for Adults

When I was a kid, Easter was such an amazing holiday.

I would wake up to a special Easter treasure hunt, complete with a jelly bean trail to the really good stuff (Chocolate bunny and other such things). After that, we would patiently wait while my dad went for a jog. On his jog, he often 'saw' the Easter bunny. He would secretly hide Easter eggs all throughout the neighbourhood. Then all the neighbours would gather at our house, and the kids would go on a huge egg hunt. This tradition continued on for years (long after I graduated from egg-hunter to egg-hider). My dad just has a way about him that all the kids love, and he loves seeing how happy it makes them to think that the Easter bunny visited the neighbourhood.

After the big hunt, everyone would gather back at my parents house for the biggest brunch you've ever seen. We would just graze and drink coffee and chat. It is one of my fondest childhood memories.

Since I no longer live at home, the Easter tradition has changed a bit. A few years ago, husband and I decided that we were not too old for a good ol' fashioned egg hunt. This time though, things got competitive.

Here's how it works:

  • We buy a bunch of chocolate eggs. 
  • We divide them in half. 
  • We also divide our house into two sections. 
  • We then spend 15 mins or so hiding the eggs in our designated section.
  • Then we switch it up - we put on some egg-huntin' tunes and start hunting.

The rules are, the first person to find all their eggs, wins.

Husband has won the last three years in a row. I am not happy about this. Sometimes his hiding spots are what one might call unfair (ie. pushing an egg down between the layers of paper towel until it's completely invisible). BUT, if that's how he wants to play it - IT'S ON.

Happy Hunting!

xx E.

ps. I'll let you know this year's results (put your $$ on me!)

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