Thursday, 19 April 2012

Office Etiquette Q & A

After my office etiquette post, I received a question.

The Questioner was really hoping to have it appear on this blog, so here it is:

Q: Why is it that nobody discusses farting? Do you come clean, point to someone else, pretend that it didn't happen, or hold it in?

A: This all depends on whether it's already happened or not.

Funny enough, my friend and I had this very discussion earlier this week. It can be especially dicey if you have your own office...pretty hard to shift the blame on that one. So she had the best plan. If you fart in your office and you think someone is coming, just get up and walk out, before they can walk in and bust you. Simple and effective. Alternatively, if you sit in cubicles, just blame someone else ;)

xx E.

ps. a funny saying about farting

pps. clearly this question came from a man

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