Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Office Space

My day job is a typical 9-5, in a very normal office.

I've always had a set of drawings that I display in my various offices. I think it's important to make your office space, just that, yours.

the drawings I take with me everywhere
There are lots of ways to add a personal touch to your office. Art, photographs, items on display. One thing to remember though, is that your office is not your house. It's not your living room. Personal touches are lovely. They give people an idea of who you really are, and make the space more comfortable for you. But too much personalization (ya, I made that word up), and people may not take you seriously. Remember, you're still at work.

Here's a few do's and don'ts to make it easier:
Do: display a photo or two of your family members
Don't: cover every surface with your entire wedding album, birth of your first child, etc.

Do: keep a cardigan on hand for those days when the air-con is just too cold
Don't: wrap yourself in the crocheted blanket that used to sit on the back of your grandmother's couch

Do: display a couple objects or decorations on your desk
Don't: bring all your chachkas, Faberge eggs, and the entire contents of your china cabinet

I'm pulling these don'ts from personal experience. Trust me. Your co-workers will talk about you (not in a good way).

Since clearly I have mastered the art of personal office touches, here are some examples of my current office:

tea cup; husband on our wedding day; photo of my fortune on our wedding day

the fortune reads: you will be successful in your work

pretty (looking and smelling) hand cream

a girly notebook

novelty post-it notes to make me (and other people) smile
So what do you think? Too much/too little?

xx E.

ps. feel free to send any office etiquette questions my way.

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