Thursday, 26 April 2012

These are a few of my favourite rings

There are endless numbers of cocktail rings that can be found in stores like Forver21 and H&M, and they are all very fun (and I do own some), but for me, I prefer jewelry that has some meaning.

I have inherited all of these rings from my grandparents.

The first is from my granddad. This one has a story. When my grandparents first immigrated to Canada, their neighbours, Robert and May, became very close friends of theirs. Many, many years later, when Robert passed away, May gave his monogrammed ring (with the initials RG) to my granddad.

The second is from my Grandma Peg. I have many different things from Grandma Peg, including a box full vintage scarves. I love cameos, so this ring just spoke to me.

The third was given to me from my mom, but it belonged to her mom (Grandma Jean). Grandma Jean and I share a birthstone, and this is it. My mom offered to have it reset, but I love the vintage setting and chose to keep it as it was given to me.

The last ring was also my granddad's. He wore both of his rings every day. I wear this one the most. It's just my way of keeping him with me.

The blue-eyed little pup in the top is this...

my (wiener dog!) ring holder 
xx E.

ps. I really hope you got the Sound of Music reference


  1. love this one, Em :)
    I've been wearing grandma's ring everyday, too. I brought it in for a long overdue cleaning and repair last week and have been feeling quite naked without it! xo.


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