Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Birthday Party

Last weekend we threw a birthday party for my mom's 60th.

We decided not to make it a surprise, because let's be honest, she's the mom and she knows all. So since she knew she was having a party, we wanted to add lots of special touches to make it personal for her.

Enter Pinterest. What a great place to look for inspiration. See my party pin board here.

Since the party was going to be outdoors, I wanted it to be pretty without being too fussy. I used mason jars to make lanterns to light up the yard as the sun set. I decided to stick with that theme and used larger mason jars as vases for flower arrangements.

Good job dad, on choosing a variety of flowers but keeping them all white. 

Also, my mom really loves Anne Taintor, so I wanted to incorporate some of her pictures into the decorations. I enlarged some of the pictures and placed them in frames around the party. I also covered over the words on one of them with a birthday message to my mom.

Since it was my mom's 60th, I wanted to display pictures of her for her guests to see. How fun is it to look at old pictures?! So my dad and I strung up two 'lines' and clothes-pinned photos from her life.

so many picture of my mom - she's so beautiful
Add in her close friends and some delicious food/drinks and we had ourselves a party.

xx E.

Ps. love this from Anne Taintor

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  1. So sad I missed the party. I heard it was fabulous.

    You did a great job with the decorations - love the mason jar vases.


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