Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Long Weekend Snaps

What a glorious long weekend! It was so nice to have three days off.

I was able to check a few more things off my summer 'to do' list over the weekend. On Friday we drove up to our friend's cottage in Collingwood. The idea was for all those who went up to play in a softball tournament on the Saturday. Except for me. I had decided well in advance that I wasn't going to play. You see, Sports + Emma = bad news and a lot of anxiety.

So you can imagine my upset when I was 'asked' to play, because if I didn't, the team would be disqualified. I  didn't even have running shoes. I had to play in Toms. 

Because we only had the minimum number of girls, we all had to be on the field for each inning. I had to be back-catcher, which seemed ok until I realized that if anyone was going to throw to home, I would have to catch it. I never caught it and I've been sore for two days, but I can honestly say I had fun. So thanks friends, for making me play!
dusty toms - proof that i played four softball games in them; canada day fireworks; pimm's - so delicious
We also managed to get home in time for some lounge time by my parents pool, complete with Pimm's and lemonade.

Since Sunday was officially Canada's birthday, we watched fireworks down by the lake, followed by drinks with friends.

Luckily, I had Monday to recover from the busy weekend.

xx E.

Ps. we also swam in Lake Huron this weekend...brrrrrr!

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