Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bachelorette Recap/Obsession

I have to admit it - I'm really loving this season of the Bachelorette (in case you couldn't tell already from here, here or here). I actually feel invested in these people and I'm worried about the outcome.

Should I get a life? Maybe. But we're all allowed to have a guilty pleasure or two.

So this week's episode certainly did not disappoint. Emily visited all the families of the top four bachelors. After a visit with his brothers and sisters, Jef, my favourite, read Emily a love letter that he had written and I just about died (along with every one of my girlfriends). If he doesn't win, Emily is NUTS!

jef and his sister-in-law
Arie, my second favourite, took her home to his scary mother who decided to exclude her by speaking Dutch. Not the greatest first impression, however I think she came around in the end. I'll feel really bad for Arie if she doesn't pick him (but not as bad as I'll feel for Jef).

arie - via
The other two hometown dates weren't as exciting and I have to say, of all the guys, I liked Chris the least...something about his non-existent lips and his bad attitude really didn't work for me. Bye bye!

Next week - special fantasy dates where we'll all wonder, did she or didn't she sleep with the top three guys? She may say no, but I'm thinking yesssss.

Good thing I'm surrounded by other people who care about this show as much as I do!

xx E.

Ps. Not sure if I should admit this or not, but I follow both Arie and Jef on Instagram...I prefer to think of it as admiring, not stalking.

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  1. Hahaha! I'm so glad Chris went home, he was super creepy! Team Jef for the win!


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