Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Bachelorette Recap - Ep. 9

Well I can honestly say that I've never been this attached to a group of people on tv, who I don't even know.  I think my friends and I were almost in tears by the rose ceremony.

they would have been the ken & barbie of the bachelorette world
Even though they were all great guys, I was hoping it was Sean that would be going home. Although after his interview in the car on the way home, I'm thinking he may have actually been the perfect guy for her. That letter he wrote to Ricki? Adorbs. 

Emily/the production crew were playing with us on last night's show though. She was making all those horrible faces while she was watching their 'final pleas' on video. Plus, Arie was acting like more of a bachelor (talking about sleeping in, and partying with friends) and we were worried that was going to ruin it for him.

As always, I was very proud of Jef. Way to bring up the serious questions and put yourself in the lead there buddy!

As if she had read my last episode recap and wanted to contradict me (riiiiight), Emily chose not to stay overnight in the fantasy suite with any of them. And more surprisingly denying Arie the option to even go to the room at all. Talk about self control.

My heart (still) lies with Jef. Arie takes a pretty close second. Either way, I'm truly concerned for the final episode. I will cry for one of those boys (more so if she turns Jef down, obviously). In the words of my friend Jeannette - Team Jef for the win!

it's like emily is that wooden stick and now jef and arie are left to fight for her
My girlfriends and I will be up north for next week's episode, so we'll have to see if we can catch the Men Tell All. 

xx E.

Ps. One of my friends heard that Emily and Chris Harrison (aka. the host of the show) get together...

All photos via abc.com

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