Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Girls' Week

I'm sure some of you are wondering where I was last week (I hope!)

Well I was away at our annual Girls' Week. This year marked the 11th anniversary of the trip...we started going when we were 17! Quite frankly, that first year was one of the most controversial years and I'm surprised we were even allowed back to the cottage after that ;)

official girls' week cups c/o my friend amy

Every year has it's stories and events. This year I had a couple firsts - I was stung by a bee for the first time (hurt a lot) and we all saw a fox-snake. In fact, it slithered underneath the hammock that I was lying on, eek!

Here are some other highlights from the week:


the daily grind

giant beer pong - probably the sport i'm best at :)
Overall, it's just a great excuse to get together with my girlfriends, eat and drink as much as I want, dance, read and enjoy the summer.

the girls - shirts and photo cred: mel dawson
Thanks for a great week girls!

xx E.

Ps. I'm now on a mega detox!

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