Monday, 30 July 2012


On Friday night, we decided to have our own viewing party for the Opening Ceremonies. We got sushi from our favourite place, opened a bottle of red wine, and sat back to enjoy what I thought was a really well-done performance.

I was so impressed by the introductory video (directed by the same guy who did Slum Dog Millionaire), and I also really loved the part where the industrial revolution came about, and they poured the metal for the Olympic rings.


My favourite part was the lighting of the cauldron. All those individual petals, brought in by each country, that came together to form such a beautiful work of art. I LOVED it. 


Of course watching Canada walk in the Parade of Nations was also a major highlight - so proud of this country!

I've never been this excited about the Olympics. Ever.

xx E.

Ps. My second favourite part - David Beckham bringing the torch by boat down the Thames. Yummy ;)


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