Monday, 10 December 2012

Mixed Greens

By Sunday of this past weekend, my desire to do some sort of holiday DIY was at a high point. I had set aside an empty clementine crate for a crafty purpose and after decorating for my mom's 60th birthday party, I have a ton of mason jars, so the natural choice was to turn it into a mini mixed-forest for my coffee table.

This was a super-easy-fit-for-a-lazy-Sunday kind of project. All you need is:
A crate or box, some fabric, jars or other glass containers, cut greenery, ribbon, scissors, and water.

To start (if you haven't already) take the mesh and any labels off the clementine crate. Then arrange as many jars as you can fit in the crate. Next, take your fabric (I just used what I had on hand, but burlap or something more gauzy would also work) and tuck it around the jars, which will hold them in place and make the crate look full.
Now grab your greenery. I have several different ever-green trees/bushes in my yard, which is where I got them from. Trim them to fit nicely in the jars (the height is really based on personal preference).

Put the greenery in the jars. I kept each jar with only one type of plant, but you could also arrange a mix of greenery. To add some sparkle, I tied gold ribbon around each jar.

Place the jars back in the crate, and add water to each jar so that it reaches the bottom of the cut branches.

Et voila! Here it is on my coffee table.

xx E.

Ps. if you choose good ever-greens, it smells really lovely too!

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