Tuesday, 11 December 2012


There are some words out there that are just amazing. I recently realized a great one: Razzmatazz.

When my brother asked me to define it, I just said "pzazz" following some kind of rule that if they rhyme, they must mean the same thing. For curiosity's sake, I looked it up. The first definition was Razzle-Dazzle...so maybe my rhyming rule isn't so bad after all?

Whatever it means, it's just fun to say. Razzmatazz! Try to use it in a sentence today (for my fellow Clueless lovers). Also, try saying it with jazz-hands, for emphasis.

On the flip side, there are some words that make my skin crawl and I avoid using them at all costs. The first is Moist. Often used as a way to describe meat or baked goods, people throw it around like it's nothing. Meanwhile, every time I hear it, I get this ick factor and probably look like I might be sick. If I have to use it (that's one big IF), I say it as quick as possible and move on before anyone notices.

he probably just told me his dinner was moist
When I finally came clean about my aversion to the word (in university, to my sorority sisters), they added another word to the mix that's equally horrible: Loincloth. And, as good friends usually do, they took it upon themselves to torment me with the simple phrase 'Moist loincloth'....ewwwwwwwwwwww!

So there you have it, one super-fantastic-make-you-smile word, and two absolutely-disgusting-make-you-barf words for your boring old Tuesday!

xx E.

Ps. another word I love and use a lot is Lovely - it was actually pointed out to me by a colleague and inspired the title of this blog :)

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