Monday, 3 December 2012

Weekend bits

How was your weekend?

Mine started promptly at 5:30 on Friday with this:

Which, (after a 1.5 hour drive that normally takes 10 minutes) lead to some red wine and a cozy dinner made by my lovely husband. Nothing like the first snowfall to bring everyone to a grinding halt.

Saturday, I slept in. It was glorious. I hadn't felt that feeling in a while (no seriously, not even on vacation). After scouring the mall for a dress to wear to my office Christmas party, I had the pleasure of meeting a good friend for a tea date.

Then Saturday night was the big party: 550 of my colleagues and I gathered to begin the holiday celebration. As promised here's a pic:

I opted for a red, cocktail length dress with a peplum. I received a few compliments, so I have deemed it a good choice. I also convinced husband that he'd be more like James Bond with a skinny black tie :)

Sunday I allowed yet another sleep in for that feels good! And then after a really nice catch up with the in-laws on Skype, I went to a friend's to decorate a gingerbread house.

We didn't take any pictures of our gingerbread creation. Why you ask? Well, it seemed that we were much more interested in consuming candy than actually decorating the house, so we basically slathered it with icing and tossed various candies on it. It wasn't pretty.

And in typical Monday style, it's come all to quickly.

xxx E.

Ps. In the words of my husband, I hope your Mondays have wings!

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