Monday, 12 August 2013

Gift Idea: Date Box

I've had a lot of wedding stuff going on this summer. With all the different events to attend, sometimes it can be tough to come up with an interesting and original gift. Enter the Date Box. I have to admit, I got this idea from a friend, so it's not an Emma Original, but it was still a really fun present to put together.

The date box is a combination of items to inspire a date (gift cards, things to do, games to play, you get the idea) and other date ideas written on cards. The idea is that on any given night, the couple can consult the box for a date idea. For this date box, we included things like a s'mores kit, gift cards to restaurants, a night out at the movies, a bottle of champagne, a deck of cards, cookie mix and a cookbook of picnic foods.

{I opted for a gender neutral colour scheme since the box is for the couple to share}

{cut the cards into strips and write out different date ideas}

{attach the date ideas to the corresponding item}

{arrange all the date items in the box}

{sprinkle in the rest of the date ideas}

{et voila!}

Ps. to make this gift even better, get together with a couple friends (like I did), that way, you can really put a lot into it.

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