Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hello, my name is Emma and I don’t like sandwiches.The cheese stands alone. Well that’s how I feel anyway. 

the only sandwich on my pinterest page - via Marshalls Abroad

Everyone and their mom seems to like sandwiches. The looks I get when I say I don’t like sandwiches. It’s like I’ve personally insulted them. Who doesn't like sandwiches?! they say. Me.

I suppose there are some sandwiches that I would eat. My mom’s homemade egg salad on a croissant, or a turkey and havarti on a superfresh bun from Ray’s (deli near my high school), and obviously grilled cheese (like that's even a real sandwich). But for the most part, the thought of a sandwich really makes me turn up my nose.

If you see me eating a sandwich for lunch, you know I’m facing desperate times. Even then, I take said sandwich and sit it atop of a toaster and toast up each side to take away the breadiness of the whole thing. 

As I write this, I’m having a revelation. Maybe it’s not sandwiches (because I tend to enjoy the filling). Maybe instead it’s: Hello, my name is Emma and I don’t like bread. Now the cheese REALLY stands alone.

Don’t worry, for what I lack in the bread consumption department, I more than make up for in the pasta, rice, potato and all other low-nutrition-white-starch category.

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