Thursday, 8 August 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Peach Sangria

It's peach season! While staying at my parents place, I noticed a plate full of ripe peaches. I knew my mom would want help using them before they spoiled, so I decided to make some peach sangria. It's super simple to make and is sweet and refreshing for a summer afternoon.

I used a bottle of white wine (a reisling/gewurztrameiner which is a little sweeter), a half cup of orange liqur (you could also use peach snapps), a can of gingerale and two peaches, sliced. I also sliced a third peach and froze the slices to add in to keep it cool (without watering it down). Many white sangria recipes call for additional sugar, but using a sweeter wine and gingerale eliminated the need for any additional sugar.

Mix all the ingredients in a pitcher, stir, chill (this gives the peaches time to infuse into the mix). Serve with the additional frozen peach slices.


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  1. mmmm... sounds delish! I'm giving this one a try on the weekend!


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