Monday, 19 August 2013

Pearls of Wisdom

I was away for a girls night over the weekend in Niagara-on-the-lake. It's a gorgeous place to visit (if you've never been, go!). We stayed at a lovely hotel/spa and spent all day Saturday lounging pool side. While we were paddling in the water, this sweet little old lady came over to the pool. She was wearing a black and bronze sparkly bathing suit, a clear shower cap, a flower tucked behind her ear, and red lipstick. She was absolutely the most fabulous little old lady.

She got into the pool and exclaimed what a beautiful day it was. She asked us what we were drinking (mimosas) and jokingly told us how disappointed she was that we didn't save 'a drop' for her. She said she didn't have time to order one, since they had a tee-time in 30 minutes.

She then swam under the little waterfall, where she loudly yelled to Paul (we then noticed Paul, sitting on a lounger making friends with some young ladies). She threw her hands in the air and asked him to take her picture. She was enjoying every second of this swim.

She swam back over to us, called Paul back over and introduced us to him as her 'mermaids' she then wrapped her arms around us and told us to kick up a leg and he took a picture.

We asked her if she had been down to the hot springs, where we had been the night before. She smiled coyly and then said 'well, I'm sure it was nice; the springs with your girlfriends, but imagine if you had a man' :)

This was by far the most inspiring little old lady I've ever met. She was loving every second of her life and not at all acting like an old lady (with the exception of the shower cap).

We didn't know her name, but we nicknamed her Pearl. We called Paul over after she got out of the pool to ask him for her name. 'It's Sally' he said. 'We've really only just hooked up!'

My friends and I have decided to adopt a 'What Would Pearl Do' attitude, with a few significant take-away lessons being: always wear lipstick, take time to see the fun in things, and you're never too old for sex.

image via Refinery29

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