Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Dog Problems

What to do with an over-anxious dog?

My dog, who I’m totally enamored with, is a little bit crazy. Crazy in the sense that he has serious separation anxiety (trust me, I know, I majored in Psych).

how can something this innocent be so insane?
So you can imagine my concern when we moved into a new place, a condo for that matter, and he barks like banshee when we leave him alone. Luckily, Therapist Dad to the rescue with a plan. Knock on the neighbours’ doors, explain the scenario, and ask them how long he barked for. Then brace yourself for a tongue-lashing because his bark is so loud/ear-piercing. I’m literally losing sleep over this.
I could barely concentrate on my drive to work, just picturing him barking all day, and my neighbours trying to have us kicked out. Overreacting? Not really, it has actually happened once before.

Nick was so sweet. He was testing different things, including reading up on the dog whisperer’s website.

Anyone else have a slightly crazy dog? Any advice (beside moving into the middle of nowhere)?

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  1. My mom's dog is the same way. She keeps her pup in a room thats the farthest away from her neighbours. Also, because I was so worried about this happening with Moose, I read up on how to decrease seperation anxiety. Basically you gradually leave for longer and longer periods, just standing outside the door for the first little while for 1-2 min and treat him when he doesn't bark. Seperation anxiety in pups is so common but so nerve wracking! Hope Rocky can beat it! xo


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