Monday, 17 June 2013

Learning to Share

This past weekend was our big move. We are officially home-owners. There will be lots of new things that come with this new adventure.
I would say that on the whole, I'm good at sharing. The only thing I know I don't share well is popcorn.

That being said, we are embarking on a new adventure in the world of sharing. We will be sharing the same closet and the same dresser. Can. You. Believe. This.??

For the entire time we've lived together, Nick's clothes have always had a happy home in the spare bedroom. That way, all the closet space in our room was mine (uh reading that makes me sound horrible). Now, our spare bedroom doesn't have much in the way of closets, so we're sharing the master closet. Plus we ditched our separate dressers and we're buying one for both of us.

I can only wonder how we are going to meet this challenge. I'm cautiously optimistic.

First things first, we have to put our clothes away.

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