Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day
There are tons of great gift guides for father's day floating around the blog world, like this, this and this. Here's my take on gifts suited specifically to my dad. 

+ He's a self-proclaimed chocoholic, so that usually must be part of any good gift.
+ He loves good quality skin care products.
+ His two sports of choice are golf and biking, so some brightly coloured golf shirts and golf balls are a must. Plus the iphone case is great and reflects his hobby.
+ He listens to a lot of radio and I thought the old-school portable one was pretty cool.
+ Last but not least, a favourite DVD. Sorry Dad, I've outed you on your very odd totally normal taste in movies.

Ps. Despite the fact that my dad likes to tease us about it being the cost of the gift that counts (not the thought), time spent together is by far the best father's day gift (deep down, I'm pretty sure he agrees!)

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