Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A Good Old Fashioned Slumber Party

It's January. January in Canada can be soooo blah. So what's a great way to beat the winter blues? A slumber party with your girlfriends!

My friend set up this girls night before Christmas so we would all have something to look forward to in January. We got ourselves some delicious snacks and all settled in for a night of catching up, gossiping and watching chick-flicks.

Our movie list included: Clueless, Mean Girls, and Now and Then. It helps to choose moves that everyone's seen so you can chat while watching (without totally ruining it). If you're like me, it's also great because you can recite the lines just before the actors/actresses say them. Because everybody loves that ;)

Have everyone come in their favourite lounging around clothes, armed with snacks/wine, a pillow and some fun games (Cards Against Humanity, anyone?) and have at 'er. Pillow fights optional.

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