Friday, 17 January 2014

Where Should You Actually Live?

I came across this quiz from Buzzfeed, that helps people to find out what city in the world truly makes the most sense for their lifestyle. Of course, curious, I took said quiz. If I had to guess what city I would have ended up in, it probably would have been somewhere in the UK, 'cause, you know, I have a thing for the Brits. Boy, did they prove me wrong.

It turns out that I should actually be living in Capetown. It also said I was adventurous. I'm not entirely sure I answered the questions properly, but I guess I'll get to go on that safari after all!

Take this super scientific quiz here to find out your best match, and start planning that big move!

Have a happy Friday and an even happier weekend.

Ps. Stay tuned next week for an exciting announcement :)

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