Monday, 6 January 2014

I'm Going Resolution-Free

I don't usually come up with a New Year's Resolution until the new year has already begun. So here we are, just days into 2014, and I am resolving not to resolve. This year, I am just going to enjoy it without trying to adhere to any rules. Why? Because I end up breaking the resolution anyway. I think I'm going to be happier simply enjoying the things that make me (and those around me) happy.

I do know someone who resolves to do something new each year. They are usually adventurous and interesting and I thought those of you who want to resolve may find that inspiring. Instead of resolving to eat healthy and lose weight, pick an activity that you've always wanted to do and commit to doing it sometime this year.

Which camp are you this year? The resolver or the non? Maybe next year I'll rejoin the resolvers but for 2014, it's all about the enjoyment.

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