Friday, 10 January 2014

Last Night's Surprise Visitor

Last night we were just sitting in the living room, relaxing and minding our own business when all of a sudden something comes flying in overhead. I thought it was a bird...

It's a bat! Nick shouted and immediately jumped up and ran to open the door.

It was at this point when my 'fight or flight' reaction did not kick in. Why does nobody talk about the 'freeze' reaction? I threw my hood over my head, and froze in a little ball, screaming 'Where is it? Where IS IT?!'
The problem is, our living room ceiling is vaulted and you can't see it unless you're sitting directly in the room, so from the door, Nick had no clue where it was. In reality it was right over my head.

After screaming for a long time (probably more like a minute), I got up enough adrenaline to run out of the room and hide in the bathroom. That's when the bat decided to take flight. It was flying all over the place, so Nick had to jump into the spare bedroom to avoid it. We spent the next little while trying to devise a plan while yelling to each other from room to room. Did I mention Rocky was barking along because we were so obviously freaked out? My plan was to wait for Nick to decide a plan while I stayed safe in the bathroom.

Nick: Maybe it's gone, I don't see it flying around. Oh wait, it's there hanging on the curtains! Look!

Emma: {leaning head out the bathroom door to look} eeeeeeeeek!  - it took off flying directly towards me.

I watched that thing fly around through a crack in the door while Nick suited up. I'm talking work boots, toque, jacket, and then a blanket that he could see through over his head. I was narrating the bat's every move. He's in the kitchen! Now he's back in the dining room! I'm sure I was extremely helpful.

Nick: ok, enough is enough, this bat is leaving.

He marched out, full bat-proof costume, opened the front door and after we patiently watched the bat fly around the house some more, it finally made it out the door.

We were left sitting there, completely freaked out, wondering a) how did it get in here and b) how long has it been in the house?? Insert heebie jeebies here.

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  1. Hahaha! The exact same thing happened in our first house! My only regret is there is no picture of Dan in his bat-proof costume!

    Auntie Anne


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