Thursday, 30 January 2014

In Dreams

I’ve always been one of those people who can recount my dreams in the morning. They’re never as clear in my mind as they were at the time of the dream, but I still remember what I saw. In high school, my bff and I used to discuss our dreams on our way to school in the morning. Now, I roll over and tell Nick (if he hasn’t already left for work).

The other morning, I was in luck because he was still home and my dream was weird. I gave birth to a puppy. The puppy was our new baby girl. The strangest part was that it wasn’t at all strange for a human to give birth to this Daschund puppy. We named her the same name we’ve chosen for our baby (I’ll share it eventually :)) and proudly showed her off.

I felt like a total champ because I had slept through the entire birthing process. I was like ‘pain? What pain? I slept through the whole thing. Women are sissies’. Hmm…pretty sure that isn’t going to ring true in a few months’ time.

Anyone else with ridiculous dreams? Anyone? Bueller?

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