Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Tuesday Ramblings

+ It's Tuesday (January 7th) and apparently if you're here today, you've made it through Blue Monday (pseudo-psych's most depressing day of the year). Good for you!
+ Does anyone pronounce Tuesday, like chews-day?
+ What about saying shh-edule instead of sk-edule? Those are both fancy ways to say those words. I'm not fancy enough for those pronunciations.
+ It's absolutely freezing today. No walk for the dog today, sorry pup. He wouldn't like it anyway (or so I've convinced myself).
+ Can I wear two pairs of pants today? Will it be too warm at work?
+ I'm afraid my car won't start.
+ I'm really glad I have a warm house to live in. #superthankful
+ If schools close during extreme cold, why not offices?
+ Did anyone watch The Bachelor last night? Obviously I did and obviously I liked it. I was glad to see he got rid of a few nutsos right off the mark. Probably not the best idea to go on a televised dating show shortly after having your engagement broken.
+ On the other hand, he gave the first impression rose to a girl who didn't seem very interested and called their interaction 'forced'. Stay tuned for some more examples of poor judgement.
+ My sister-in-law is in Australia right now and Oz is apparently facing extreme heat. If I had to choose between extreme cold and extreme heat...let's all go to Australia!

Have a great day, and think warm (unless you already are, in which case, I'm giving you the side-eye).

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  1. It's warm alright....50+ days of 30+C heat....it's tiring and I've had enough. I wish it would cool down, although not as cold as it is for you!
    Stay warm...I hear it will be a balmy 5C on Saturday :-)


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