Friday, 24 January 2014


The other night, I saw a trailer for the new Lego movie. I mean LEGO, the movie. I can't wait to see it! It's probably obvious now how much I love Lego. Ever since I was a kid I've loved it. My brother and I got it for many Christmas and birthday gifts. We had the Caribbean Clipper, the Wolf Pack castle, and the beach house, beach front restaurant and little beach hut (those last few were all mine :).

I kinda have an obsession with building Lego because I want it to be built exactly to the specifications of the instructions. I'm not really an 'outside the Lego-box' thinker. So when Nick got a Lego airplane for Christmas last year (to accompany his flying lesson), I built it. By myself. Exactly as shown on the box.

Why do I love this toy so much?

Confession: I once selected a candidate for an interview for an internship position just because he stated he was part of his University's Lego Club on this resume (always scan the hobbies/extra curriculars). And I asked him all about it in the interview. Giant nerd alert.

Sometimes I use this blog to confess my eccentricities. This would be one of those times. My apologies to any family or friends who are now embarrassed. I am not.

Ps. The photo above is from a 1981 Lego ad. You should read the entire article that goes with it. It raises an excellent point on gender-based marketing to children.

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