Monday, 27 January 2014

Give That Bump a Name

There's all kinds of thought that goes into naming a baby. For some (like me), they will find out the gender half way through the pregnancy and can (if they want) use the baby's name for the other half of said pregnancy. Others (with the patience of Saints) can wait until the baby is born and so can't really assign a name to the baby in advance. I suppose there's a third category of people who know the gender and are still unable to decide on a name until they have that little one in their arms.

The solution? Name the bump! It's a completely non-committal way to use a name. My bump has a name...we came upon it accidentally, but it has a name none-the-less.

Most women notice that their belly button turns from an innie to an outie during the process. Apparently I have a weird belly button because it just kept stretching more to the sides, looking like an eye. Nick said it was looking at him and reminded him of the Eye of Horus (the all-seeing eye).

Ignorant me, not really knowing the spelling, assumed he was saying Horace. And that, my friends, is the bump's name.

Ps. Sorry for the repeat picture of the bump (above), it's not like I take those every day. Seriously.

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