Thursday, 3 May 2012

Date Night

Ever since Husband and I started dating, we've had one official 'date night'. Tuesday.

We always made time for each other on Tuesday evenings. We've carried that through the entire time we've been together. Very rarely do we miss date night. It even has it's own nickname: Blue Collar Tuesday (or BCT for short)...that's a different story for a different day.

we even managed to have a date night in barbados
Often we make a meal together, and relax at home. But you gotta change things up once in awhile. So this past date night we went to Pub Quiz night at The Royal Coachman. For my English readers, pub quiz night is sooo ordinary, but for Canadians, it's a lot harder to find (and therefore much more exciting!).

We definitely had fun, but we did not do very well with the answers. I can get a little competitive (read: Monica on Friends), so you can imagine my irritation when Husband couldn't remember the name of the Scottish hat with the pom pom. Hello - he's from the British Isles for goodness sake! All that aside, we had a really fun time.
But we may need to add more people to our team if we ever expect to win...

Happy dating to all!

xx E.

ps. another really cute date night/gift idea

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