Thursday, 10 May 2012

DIY Headboard

As I mentioned here, I really wanted to make an upholstered headboard. I finally got around to making it last weekend.


  • piece of particle board (we used 72 x 45 inches)
  • a two by four (we used an 8 ft piece cut in two)
  • 3 inch foam (cut to fit the portion of the wood that is above the bed)
  • sturdy fabric (thick enough that when you pull it tight, it won't rip)
  • spray adhesive
  • staple gun
  • bolts (to secure it to your bed frame)

Start with your desired size of particle board. We had to have it cut in two (to fit in the car), and we secured the pieces together with four small metal plates. 

To make it extra secure, we attached two 2 x 4's to the back to act as support and feet.

Once this was all assembled, we measured it against the bed frame to see where to drill holes for the bolts. Then we (read: Husband) drilled the holes.

Finally, it was my turn. I sprayed the part of the wood (where the foam would be) with spray adhesive. I also sprayed one side of the foam itself. We only used enough foam to cover the top half of the board (so that the mattress would tuck right into the head board).

It sticks pretty quickly, but the instructions say it takes 30 mins to dry. I didn't wait.

I spread out the fabric I had chosen on the floor, and placed the board down on it (foam side down). Word to the wise, I chose a solid colour fabric, which I'd say is a good idea for beginners, because you don't have to worry about a pattern coming out crooked.

Once the fabric was pulled tight, I started stapling (leaving the corners for last). The stapler ran out of staples at one point and it literally took me half an hour just to figure out how to reload it. By this point I was so over making this headboard, but luckily I finally figured it out. For the corners, I just carefully folded them until they looked tailored and stapled them in place.

Final step, secure it to your bed frame and ta da!

you can see the portion that has foam, and where it stops (top left)

I can honestly say I've had enough DIY to last me for awhile.

xx E.

ps. Thank god I decided to go for the straight upholstered look and not the tufted style.

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