Friday, 25 May 2012

Top Chef Canada

I've been following this season of Top Chef Canada from day one. I'm obsessed with the Food Network - there's not a show I haven't seen - but I particularly love TC Canada because it's filmed in Toronto, and it makes me proud to see all these great Canadian chefs.

I was even more pumped than usual for this week's show. Wanna know why? Two words: Kraft Dinner. It's no secret that one of my favourite foods is good ol' KD. The quick-fire challenge was for the 5 remaining chefs to make two dishes using Kraft Dinner (a fancy one, and a home-style one). I thought to myself, self, if you were on this show, you would KILL this challenge.

Here are a few of the chefs' glorious takes on Kraft Dinner:

david's bacon wrapped kraft dinner topped with a seared scallop

xavier's kraft dinner gratin with caramelized onions

david's kraft dinner grilled cheese sandwich
How much do I wish I was a guest judge on this episode?

xx E.

Ps. David won ($10,000 from Kraft). I'm a KD advocate...where's my $10,000?!

all photos via Food Network Canada.

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