Monday, 28 May 2012

Popcorn Anonymous

Hi, my name is Emma and I'm a Popcorn-a-holic.

I have popcorn in place of meals. My husband has caught me making popcorn late at night. I can't share my popcorn. If I go to a movie, I must have popcorn (I've never gone without it, even if I just had dinner). I've had to go to the dentist for a popcorn removal procedure. This is serious.

Do I feel like saying it out loud will somehow help me understand the true nature of my addiction? Not really. I just figured I should 'out' myself. If you ever see me eating popcorn, it's best to just leave me to it, or else risk losing a finger (or worse, a whole hand).

photo & a recipe similar to my own, here
Looking for a popcorn recommendation? Kernels - Chicago style (aka, the bag is half filled with caramel popcorn, and half filled with cheese popcorn). The mix of sweet and salty is to die for. My second favourite is movie popcorn with butter (obviously). I don't mess around.

I make popcorn on the stove for two reasons: 1) I don't have a microwave and 2) I like knowing exactly what ingredients are in my popcorn.

We even gave little popcorn bags away as the favours at our wedding.

There, now you know... Stop judging me.

xx E.

Ps.I couldn't even include a picture of my own popcorn because I ate it before I realized I should snap a shot


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