Friday, 8 February 2013

Happy Friday: Think Happy

The other day a friend on mine was sharing some wisdom that she learned from a friend of hers about happiness. I liked it so much, that I'm now going to share it with all of you.

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Each day, this girl would think of three things that made her happy, and she kept them recorded in a journal. Now these three things could be absolutely anything, from a cup of tea, to seeing a friend, to finishing a project at work. There's no rules.

The premise is this: if every day you are looking for those things that make you happy, slowly but surely, you'll start seeing more than three things. Then you will start seeing how all the little things in your life can add up to overall happiness.

Before she told me this story, I had just done my first Happy Friday post. When she was telling me this, I was thinking that instead of just coming up with three things for the week, if I could convert to three things each day, then I would get a start at changing my thinking. So that's what I've been doing. Each night, Nick and I talk about the three things that made us happy that day. It's a great habit to get in to.

With that, I'll wish you a happy Friday and a happy weekend.

Ps. Has anyone read this book? Should I?


  1. Things that make me happy today :

    reading my lovely daughter in law's blog

    Having lunch with my husband

    sunny afternoon

    :) x

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  3. read that book!! trust me.
    -keri xox


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