Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Quest for the Best: Mac and Cheese

Yesterday, Nick had a case of the Tuesday blues. I thought to myself, that's nothing that a little cheese and bacon can't fix!

We hadn't made mac 'n' cheese in a little while, so we figured it was a good day to continue on the quest. I used this recipe as inspiration, but had to make a few substitutions.

We didn't have pancetta, but we did have bacon.
We didn't have asiago, fontina and blue cheese, but we had cheddar, havarti and parm.

We didn't have zitti pasta, but we had scoobi do pasta (really they are corkscrews but seriously, the package said scoobi do). Lastly, we didn't have panko crumbs but (and here's the best/worst part) we had potato we used crumbled chips as the crunchy top.

So overall, I took a fairly classy recipe and put a white-trash spin on it. The verdict? Delicious.

Ps. More macaroni and cheese recipes

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