Thursday, 21 February 2013

Road Rage

Yes, I have road rage. I don't know where I caught it (certainly not from either parent, my dad routinely drives at 50km/hr and says 'we're not in a rush').

But it's actually an issue. One of these days someone will probably come after me with an equal amount of rage and we could really get into trouble. Yesterday on my way home from work, I edged out another road rager who had already cut me off, causing him a long setback in the line of traffic, and I got so much satisfaction from doing that. I. Have. A. Problem.

Once, on a drive to Ottawa (which is about 5 hours long), both Nick and my brother had to force me to pull over and give up the driver's seat because I was chasing down a guy that cut me off. It sounds quite funny while I'm writing this, safe behind my computer, but the reality of it is a little scarier when I'm behind the wheel.

remaining peaceful on a road trip...maybe the cheetos helped

I'm not super violent, I'm more of a nagging granny road-rager. I like to pull up beside people (who have already wronged me) and wag my finger and tell them off...even though they can't hear me...I also may or may not use my horn on a regular basis.

Certainly I'm not the only person with road rage. I've had enough people come after me yelling and screaming - inside their cars, of course.

Please help me. Advice? Horror stories to scare me/stop me?


  1. I'm no expert but Maybe these symptoms are all part of a related, but not yet categorized, syndrome :winter hatred,Television star obsession, anxiety,inability to exercise,Road rage,requests for help on a blog ....

    I would start small maybe taking a dog or two for a walk,

  2. Lucky for you I think CAMH can help!

  3. Sound like really nice folks --great pictures - plus I thought they hid the good stuff !


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