Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bachelor Canada Recap Ep. 3

Last night, on the Bachelor: one girl accuses another of being on the show for the “wrong reasons”. Whitney’s team loses a competition and she subsequently loses her mind. Chantelle announces that she’s a virgin. Just like any other episode of the show - yup, that pretty much sums it up.

the lumberjack competition - whitney (pink top, far right) expected to win...

I suppose I could go into a little more detail…

Although Bianka has been accused of not really liking Brad, I think she does. She’s lovely and has a good head on her shoulders. She shouldn’t be criticized just because she isn’t gushing over him after knowing him for 5 mins. Geez ladies, relax.

Bianka and Brad on their special one on one

The reaction on Brad’s face when Chantelle came clean about her virgin status was hilarious. It was just one big pause and a look of confusion. He seems to be ok with it though – we’ll see. I’m still a Chantelle fan (which is odd for me, since I’m not religious, and usually super sweet people annoy me). 

Whitney said she wants to be on his mind 24/7. She is scary. If he picks her, she’s going to be a crazy stalker wife. Just sayin...

this group got cut by 4
Brad threw a curve ball in there by cancelling the cocktail party, skipping straight to the rose ceremony and deciding to send home not two, but FOUR girls. Evidently, he’s on the accelerated version of the Bachelor.

Next week, he’s sending four more home?! WTF folks?

xx E. 

Ps. Kara got the only 'official' one on one and I was also happy about that - she's a cool chick.

all photos via city tv

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