Monday, 1 October 2012

Fashion Monday?

I know that I normally reserve Friday's for fashion related things, but today, I had to comment on something I witnessed this weekend. The Ryder Cup.

Husband is an avid golf watcher, so I'm no stranger to the game. However I've never sat down and actually enjoyed watching golf until I watched the Ryder Cup. At first I was forced into it, because I was trapped on the couch, sick. But then I started to like it. It was pretty exciting - and especially great watching Europe come back for the win!

The one thing I knew about the Ryder cup, is that they get the players to dress the same. Fitting, since they are playing as a team.

One thing I didn't know, is that they also make the wives and girlfriends dress the same for the events.

European Wives vs. American Wives at the Opening Ceremony
For the opening ceremony, I definitely preferred the European's dresses to the American's. If I were a young hot WAG (Wife and Girlfriend), I wouldn't want to be wearing that weird I'm-a-dress-but-trying-to-look-like-a-skirt-and-top-wife-of-a-conservative-politician dress.

The outfits didn't get much better over the weekend as the women were forced into sporty-ish, come soccer mom clothes. 
Euro WAGS watching the match
nothing but love for Amy Mickelson...but no love at all for her choice of shoes

Luckily, they were allowed to wear different evening gowns.

my pick for best dressed Euro WAG - Kristin Stape (Graeme McDowell)

my pick for best dressed American WAG - Amy Mickelson (Phil Mickelson)

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

xx E.

Ps. Chances are, I was alone in wanting to watch the closing ceremonies just to see what they made the WAGS wear :)

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