Thursday, 11 October 2012

Bachelor Canada Recap Ep.2

So to start off, Brad took 8 girls to New Orleans. When the date card said they were going to The Big Easy, not one of them knew where they were going. Sorry loves if you didn't know that either, but come on, not one of them figured that out?

Anywho, I was pretty impressed that they all stepped up to the plate with the burlesque dancing. I swear, if someone sent me to a burlesque lesson and then expected me to do it in front of other people, while being filmed for a tv show, I would have been beet red and I probably would have run away.

Chantelle, the Pastor, doing her best burlesque
I'm really not sure how I feel about Whitney. I think she's really beautiful, and at first I thought her mono-tonal voice was cool and low key...but now I think she might be a bit of a villain in disguise. And she gives one evil stink eye.

How funny was it when he woke up Ana for her surprise date, and she just pulled the covers over her head and rolled over. It was cute of him to take her out though, since he made special effort to keep her around but didn't invite her on any of the dates. That would have been a bit douchey otherwise.

I'll give Brad credit, he seems to be really open to a lot of the girls. They are all quite different (ahem, playboy model vs. pastor). But let's be honest, Melissa Marie's (playboy model) aggressive attitude made things a little weird, so I wasn't sad to see her go.

xx E.

Ps. With all the product placement I feel like I'm watching an episode of America's Next Top Model.

all photos via city tv

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