Friday, 26 October 2012

Fashion Friday: Bachelor edition

I hadn't done a Bachelor Canada episode recap, but after watching this week's episode, I decided to make it a Fashion Friday post instead.

Why you ask?

Because I witnessed one very horrendous dress on this week's episode, and I'm sorry Laura B, but it can't go unmentioned.

Oh yes, I'm referring to the dress on the left. What is that? No seriously, what IS that?

I can't even find a picture of the front (I now regret not snapping a pic of the tv). The front was a corset style, with the same random animal print pattern in a smaller scale and....wait for it...jewels. I've seen some questionable fashion choices on the many seasons of the Bachelor, but this one takes the cake.

I was distracted through most of the episode from the horror. Ok not really. In other Bachelor news, poor Chantelle lost her grandfather and decided to leave the show (much to my disappointment). I was also surprised he kept Gabrielle around...but it looks like her family will make for a pretty interesting segment of the home-town dates.

This has to go on record as the fastest season of the Bachelor ever. Down to four girls in four episodes? He's moving faster than a 35 year old single woman on the hunt for a baby-daddy.

Have a great weekend!

xx E.

Ps. did Brad's sad moment remind anyone else of another bachelor?

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