Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Guinness Chocolate Cake

For Nick's birthday, I always make him a chocolate Guinness cake. When I found this recipe for a cake with Guinness in it, I had to make it - he LOVES Guinness and has got me loving it too. 
Evidence: Us drinking Guinness at the brewery in Ireland.


This cake is and chocolatey, without being too sweet and it's frosted with cream cheese icing. Let's be honest, I would eat cardboard with cream cheese icing on it. The Guinness keeps it nice and moist (and I hate that word and only use when there's no other word to describe something). I would highly recommend trying this cake. 

After making this cake each birthday I wanted to change it up a little bit this year. Since Guinness looks so beautiful when poured in a glass, I wanted the cake to mimic that look. If I could have baked the cakes in pint glasses, I would have, but knowing that would end with shards of glass in the cake, I opted for everyone's favourite: mason jars.

sterilized and filled jars
baked cakes; piping in the cream cheese icing
finished product!
I would have liked the cakes to fill the jars a little more, but I ran out of batter. There's always next time!

xx E.

Ps. a real poured Guinness (obviously I drank it while icing the cakes

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