Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Little Brother

Do you have younger siblings? I have a 'little' brother. I love to call him that, because he's anything but. Probably for the last 10 years at least, people have asked if he was the older one. 

he was the mc at my wedding
Growing up, we drove each other crazy (and my parents crazy at the same time). We used to fight like cats and dogs. I recall throwing a toy at him, missing, and breaking a window...I had to resort to throwing things because I couldn't get to close, or he'd have a shot at me. I had no advantage being the older sister :)

celebrating st. paddy's day

But between all the fighting, we were friends. We used to play apartment (where we got to split up the family room in two, and the little pathway behind the couch was the 'phone'. Or we'd play Big Brother, Little Sister where I got to be the baby sister, and he was the big bro. I was a cool sister too - I played Lego and stuff.

one year he visited me for my birthday at university
I have many happy, funny, and sometimes even annoying memories of us, but they are all great ones. 

at a costume party
Today he turns 27 (calling him little brother is getting a bit silly) and I'm wishing him a very 
Happy Birthday!

Love you Chris! 

xx E.

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