Monday, 21 January 2013


I'm sure I've mentioned that I have a career in HR. With my particular position, part of my job is to interview/hire people.

One question that I often use is in interviews is 'What is your greatest accomplishment?' I do not ask this to find out how much one person can really achieve, but more to get an understanding of who this person really is.

Something that I found really uplifting lately is the number of people - especially men - that say their greatest accomplishment is their family or their kids. Just warms my little heart to hear it.

the closest thing i have to a child

I think I like hearing it so much because a lot of the time people talk about their life before kids vs. after kids and how I shouldn't take my child-free life for granted, complaints, complaints, tired, no free time, blah blah blah. And I have to say, as much as I sure this is true, it's not something I really wish to hear. So to hear people say that the thing they are the proudest of is their family, makes my heart smile.

This answer doesn't really impact whether or not the person gets the job, but it really does allow some insight into what a person values in his/her life.

I, personally, value family above all, too.

Ps. How would you answer that question?

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